Bring the Ruckus at the US Social Forum

Bring the Ruckus is a an organization of people who believe revolutionary transformation is necessary to bring about a world in which humans live freely and equally and in harmony with nature. We are dedicated to building a movement that can achieve such a world. The purpose of this organization is not to lead “the masses” but to debate those politics and strategies that best imagine and lead to a free society and then work to enact them in mass-oriented organizations and movements.

If you're going to be at the US Social Forum, Bring the Ruckus will be facilitating 2 sessions and participating in a third. We will also have a table.

Here are the details on our sessions.

The Liberatory Family: Are Women of Color Building the Revolution by Saving Their Families?

Thurs, 6/28. 10:30-12:30. Atlanta Civic Center, Mezzanine Right

Much of the politics of organizing is based on fitting people into an issue rather than developing a politic that describes what is happening to people. A person is a prisoner, queer, worker, etc. so all of politics is framed within this title. This workshop will examine politics from the point of view of the family. Regardless of the issue being worked on, it's most likely the common denominator is family. Specifically, at the heart of organizing is usually women of color working to keep the family together. We call this the struggle for the liberatory family. The session is about exploring a politics that puts this struggle at the center. Through a participatory dialog we will discuss:

  1. the commonality of liberatory family struggles
  2. historical connection and break between feminist struggle and struggles against white supremacy
  3. how do we look to and learn from liberatory family struggles.

Results from this discussion will be combined with three national dialogs on feminism and the liberatory family.

Building Revolutionary Strategy and Organization in the 21st Century: A Multi-Generational Dialogue

Fri, 6/29. 1:00-5:00 pm in the Westin Hotel, Atlanta Ballroom A

This workshop is hosted by five organizations: Bring the Ruckus, Freedom Road Socialist Organization, The Labor Community Strategy Center, League of Revolutionaries for a New America, and Solidarity.
The workshop will explore the issue of building a revolutionary Left in this country capable of defeating capitalism. In addition to representatives from the above organizations, individual members from several different social movement groups have agreed to join us in conversation. The workshop will be interactive and will combine large and small groups. Some of the questions we will address:
* What are some of the key debates facing the US Left today?
* What forms of organization do you believe are needed today?
* What struggles does your organization participate in and why? How does your work reflect your political line?

Revolutionary for the Long Haul

Sat, 6/30. 1:00-3:00. Central Library, 2nd Fl

Does a social movement exist? What would one look like? Where would we move to anyway? Will there be a revolution in our time? How do we prepare for strategic and long-haul radical work? What’s the difference between an intellectual and an academic? Through exercises based in people’s lived experience we will collectively develop answers to these questions.