Movement Theorist and Organizer Selma James on North American Tour

This month several BtR locals are helping to coordinate a speaking tour by Selma James, a lifelong campaigner for women's rights and anti-racism and the founder of the International Wages for Housework Campaign. She is joined by Andaiye, a feminist organizer and author from Guyana, South America.

Selma is known for her groundbreaking contributions to understandings of capitalist exploitation. In the 1970s she argued that the housework and caring work women do outside of the market is the basis for the reproduction of the entire working class. She is a former member of CLR James's Johnson-Forest Tendency.

Tour schedule

Pittsburgh PA Nov 8,9
Philadelphia PA Nov 11-13
New York City, NY Nov 14
Detroit, MI Nov 15-17
Benton Harbor Nov 18
Amherst MA Nov 19
Toronto ON Nov 23, 24
Atlanta Nov 25, 26
Miami FL Nov 26 (Andaiye only)
Phoenix, Flagstaff AZ Nov 27, 28
Portland OR Nov 29, 30
Los Angeles CA Dec 1, 2
Arcata CA Dec 3
San Francisco CA Dec 4-5

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