Borough Assemblies On The Move in NYC

In New York City, neighborhood and borough assemblies are taking shape outside the organizational infrastructure at Occupy Wall Street, which currently operates out of indoor spaces and privately-owned public plazas downtown. Autonomous assemblies have arisen in Harlem, Washington Heights, Brooklyn, Sunset Park and the Bronx, some adopting the "occupy" moniker and others opting for "reclaim."

In recent weeks, the Occupy the Bronx general assembly has spearheaded a range of actions, including petitioning for welfare reform, storming a community board in solidarity with an evicted community garden, and holding a speakout against police violence and march on a local precinct. This past weekend, the Occupy the Bronx general assembly was targeted for preemptive arrests by the NYPD, and protesters responded with a rally outside the precinct and march through the neighborhood. The events were covered by local media and the Daily News.