A Eulogy To The Whitest Guy We Know

We just read that Glenn Beck is losing his TV show, and we feel that we need to respond. Mobilize, that is. We need to call for millions of people to protest to keep his TV show on the air.

After all, Glenn Beck has done more to publicize Bring the Ruckus to a wider audience than anyone! His attacks on our members, and his recent explanation of our founding statement, have catapulted the notion of a revolutionary cadre organization into the popular consciousness.

What would we be without him? His goofy grin, while disguising an underlying batshit craziness, has given us a legitimacy that almost nothing we've written or done could ever achieve. So as we're writing up a call to action, here's a eulogy to the whitest guy we know.

Below you will find all of our mentions on Beck's show in the past, as well as a succulent mashup of our latest feature in the Beckspiracy. Enjoy.

Skip to about 10:50 in this one to catch us here:

And see if you can spot us here: